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Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) is a new test that will enable you to measure a client’s hearing-in-noise abilities, and automatically integrate the appropriate prescription to the hearing aid fitting1. ACT takes you beyond the pure-tone audiogram, giving you a fitting rationale for prescribing the right amount of help from the hearing aid in complex, noisy environments.

With ACT, you now have the information to provide a more personalised solution quickly and easily for specific hearing loss, and to optimally fit a hearing aid first-time. ACT redefines how we can compensate for hearing loss and introduces a new standard for speech-in-noise prescription.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what ACT is and why it was developed
  • Understand how to perform the ACT test
  • Learn how to interpret ACT results

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  • Jonathan Constantine

    National Audiology Manager

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1. For select hearing aids on Polaris R and later platforms. ACT integration in Genie 2 available from beginning of 2024.