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Find out how to pair your Oticon Opn™ hearing aids with your smartphone or with one of our wireless accessories

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Learn how to...

  • Treat your hearing aids with care

    How you avoid heat, humidity, chemicals, and knocks.

  • Put on and remove your hearing aids

    Do it correctly and reduce the risk of howling.

  • Test and change batteries

    Everything you need to know about batteries.

  • Clean your hearing aids

    The safe way to clean and dry them.

  • Replace the dome (speaker covering tips)

    Applies to receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids only.

  • Change the wax filter

    Using the wax protection system and tools.

  • Replace the damper (filter)

    Applies to behind-the-ear hearing aids only.

  • Control your hearing aids

    Turning them on and off, regulating the volume, and changing the programme.

  • Use hearing aids with different applications

    ConnectLine makes it simple to watch TV, use the phone and more.

Do you have problems?

Learn how to fix the most common challenges

  • Distorted sound

    What can be the cause?

    1. Dirty or corroded battery contacts
    2. Dirty or corroded battery
    3. Hearing aid is switched to telecoil

    What’s the solution?

    1. Open and close the battery compartment several times
    2. Clean battery surfaces with a dry cloth or replace the battery
    3. Switch to microphone signal (M)
  • No sound

    What could be the cause?

    1. Dead battery
    2. Clogged sound outlet
    3. Clogged microphone opening

    What’s the solution?

    1. Replace the battery
    2. Clean the sound outlet or change the wax filter
    3. Clean microphone opening
  • Whistling or howling sound

    What could be the cause?

    1. Ear wax
    2. The hearing aid is not inserted properly

    What’s the solution?

    1. Get your ear canal checked by a doctor
    2. Remove and insert your hearing aid again

If none of these suggested solutions solves your problem, please consult your hearing care professional.

What do you want to do?

ConnectLine and the Streamer Pro remote together works as an integrated system that can transfer sound wirelessly to your hearing aids from TV, phone, computer and many other devices. Learn how you use the system for different situations.

Dine at a restaurant or go to a party 

Converse in noisy environments using a microphone

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Go to the cinema, theatre or church

Connect to teleloop systems using telecoil

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Listen to music

Connect your hearing aids to an MP3 player

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Receive education in a classroom 

Capture important learning with an FM receiver

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Use your computer or tablet 

Transmit the sound directly into your hearing aids

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Use your mobile phone 

Make and take clear and hands-free calls

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Use your telephone 

Make and take clear and hands-free calls

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Watch TV

Use a TV adapter to watch TV at an enjoyable sound level

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What is your situation?

  • I'm a new user

    Get off to a good start as a new user or with new types of hearing aids.

  • I'm a parent 

    You are not alone. Learn how to support a child with hearing loss.

  • I'm a relative

    Make communication easier and help a loved one hear better.

Need more help?

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Get a hearing test, receive help and advice, and buy accessories, spare parts, and cleaning tools from authorised Oticon hearing care professionals.

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  • Tinnitus

    What is tinnitus, why do some people get it and what can be done to relieve the symptoms?

  • Available accessories

    Read about wireless solutions for Oticon hearing aids and other accessories.

  • Core technologies

    Read about the technology inside our Oticon hearing aids.

  • Find a hearing centre

    A hearing care professional can test your hearing and devise a treatment that suits you.