How to listen to music and audio with hearing aids

Immerse yourself in the moment when you stream music or audio through your Oticon hearing aids.

If you want to benefit from high-quality stereo sound when you listen to music or audio, follow these steps.

First, select which statement applies to you.

Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips to find out

Hearing aids with Bluetooth



Listen to wireless music or audio from a number of devices

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Ready to stream quality sound into your ears?

Watch these handy visual ‘how to’ guides and turn your hearing aids into high quality, stereo headphones.

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Hearing aids without Bluetooth


Stream music and audio to hearing aids without Bluetooth 

Streamer Pro* makes it easy to stream music and audio to your hearing aids from a variety of entertainment devices.

Immerse yourself in the joy of quality sound – be it music from your MP3 player, audio books or your home sound system.

*Streamer Pro needs to be issued to you and paired to your hearing aids by your hearing care professional.

*Streamer Pro is an additional accessory available for purchase and is not part of the hearing aid package.

Connect the streamer to your chosen audio source:

A: With a simple ‘plug and play’ cable solution using a mini jack cable

B: Wirelessly using Streamer Pro’s AUX selector

Watch this visual guide to find out how to connect Streamer Pro with an MP3 player using a mini jack cable.

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How to connect an MP3 player to Oticon Streamer Pro using a mini jack cable

More support and guidance

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