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works in the brain

The latest scientific breakthrough makes it clear that our brains
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Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids

Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing

Now you can join the conversation in noisy environments*

* Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper - Oticon Opn 1, sponsored by Oticon

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Why choose Oticon?

We pioneer hearing aids that change the lives of people with hearing loss.

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Invisible hearing aids with 360° sound

These Oticon Opn™ hearing aids hide* in your ears and are custom-made right here in Australia to fit you precisely.

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* Consult your hearing care professional to find the right style for your needs as not all styles might be suitable for your needs and anatomy.

xceed hearing aids opens up your world

Experience the hearing aid that opens up your world

New Oticon Xceed is the world’s most powerful hearing aid for people with severe hearing loss. As the most powerful hearing aid on the market, it provides you with 360° access to speech and better speech clarity with less listening effort*.

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* Compared to our previous generations of powerful hearing aids. OpenSound Navigator is not available in all performance levels. Please ask your hearing care professional for more information.


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There is a style for your needs

Oticon hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you want an invisible in-the-ear hearing aid, or feel more comfortable with a behind-the-ear – the choice is yours.

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