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We’ve expanded the range of Oticon More™ products, so more of your clients can benefit from its world leading sound quality. Learn all about the new miniBTE styles available in Oticon More™ and our latest evidence that confirms the astounding benefits of our new approach to sound processing.

In addition to this, find out how our new hearing aid family, Oticon Zircon takes the essential category into the new world of hearing care.


  • More potential than ever with a range of innovative styles
  • Hands-free communication for better connectivity
  • Life-changing technology designed for celebration in our essential category
  • Key feature overview: OpenSound Navigator™ and Speech Guard™
  • Oticon product portfolio update

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Meet the hosts

  • James Battersby

    Managing Director

  • Catherine Beaton

    Audiology Training & Support

  • Jonathan Constantine

    National Audiology Manager

  • Preena Pandit

    Regional Audiology & Sales Manager (NSW)

  • Elaine Tran

    Regional Audiology & Sales Manager (VIC)

  • Corey Ackerman

    National Sales Manager (NZ)

Download the latest Genie 2 update:

This latest update provides support for our new products (Oticon More miniBTE T and miniBTE R and Oticon Zircon), access to new features (hands-free communication) and updated hearing aid firmware for Oticon More users.

Download Genie 2 2022.1.0

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