Proving the paradigm shift

Groundbreaking test results show how Oticon Opn™ brings people back into life.

Oticon Opn brings people back into life

Since the introduction of Oticon Opn we have experienced outstanding feedback from both hearing care professionals and hearing aid users. Now, we have groundbreaking data from two independent studies that confirm how Oticon Opn represents a significant paradigm shift in hearing care.

This highlights how Oticon Opn marks a breakthrough in solving some of the biggest challenges faced by people with hearing loss – speech understanding in noise and the handling of multiple speakers – with less effort.

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Test #2

Putting hearing technology to the test in a real-life setting

We put Oticon Opn up against two, top-of-the-line hearing aids in a test that mimics a real-life conversation between four friends in a noisy restaurant. The two other hearings aids represented traditional and narrow directionality respectively.

  • Traditional directionality creates a moderate focus on the speaker in front while suppressing all other sounds.

  • Narrow directionality creates a strong focus on the speaker in front while supressing all other sounds.

  • OpenSound Navigator in Oticon Opn opens up the soundscape to provide access to multiple speakers, even in very noisy environments.

Oticon Opn is a true BrainHearing™ solution

Understand and remember more – with less effort

Fast and precise enough to support how the brain makes sense of sound, Oticon Opn gives the brain access to an always-open soundscape, and reduces listening effort by 20%, ensures users remember 20% more and increases speech understanding by 30%.*

Learn more about the benefits

* Le Goff et al. 2016, Oticon Whitepaper,

96% user satisfaction

User feedback highlights how 96% say they hear better with Oticon Opn.*

Listen to what people have to say

* Beck D.L., Porath M., Consumer Responses to the Oticon Opn Hearing Aid. Hearing Review. 2017;24(1):26.

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