Battery life & charging

  • > What is the battery lifetime of ConnectClip?

    720 charge cycles.

  • > What is the full charging time for ConnectClip battery to go from 0% to 100% charge? 

    2 hours.

  • > Can ConnectClip be left charging over night?


  • > How many hours can ConnectClip be used for streaming and/or in remote microphone mode per day? 

    Typical daily use is 16 hours: 4 hours streaming (e.g. 2 hours audio streaming + 2 hours phone) + 12 hours standby. Or 36 hours stand by (turned on, no streaming).

  • > Does using ConnectClip affect the daily battery life of hearing aid?

    Yes, especially during audio streaming - it may reduce daily battery life of hearing aids.

  • > Does ConnectClip influence battery drain on my mobile phone?

    Yes. This is the same as drain from other Bluetooth Devices.

  • > Is there a difference in charging time when using the USB cable versus the power supply?

    It depends on the device you are charging from. We always recommend to use the provided charger. 

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  • Can I plug the USB cable provided into a phone charger USB plug?

    Yes, you can plug the USB cable into a phone charger USB plug. We recommend using the charger provided.

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  • Can I plug it into the USB outlet on a PC?

    Yes, any standard USB connection can be used for charging ConnectClip. Note, however, that some PCs/laptops will shut off USB power when in idle mode.

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  • What kind of battery is inside ConnectClip?

    ConnectClip contains a Lithium Ion battery.

  • Can it be left plugged in for a few days if I’m not using it?

    Yes, it can be left plugged in when not in use. We recommend unplugging it if fully charged and not in use.

  • How long will it hold the charge if unplugged and unused for several or more days?

    The capacity for the battery is several months if ConnectClip is not turned on.