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Tinnitus Treatment

About 10% of people experience tinnitus all the time.
Nearly 80% of people with hearing loss experience some degree of tinnitus.
Hearing care professionals like you can help people take control of their tinnitus, to minimise its impact on their lives.


Tinnitus SoundSupport™

This proven sound generator technology is now integrated into all Oticon Opn hearing aids. With these cutting-edge hearing aids, you can offer clients a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds that are dynamic, yet soothing — including broadband sounds (White, Pink and Red noise) and natural, ocean-like sounds. What’s more, clients can discreetly adjust the sounds using their iPhone or Android device.

Discover Tinnitus SoundSupport

A comprehensive tinnitus package

Many hearing care professionals find it a challenge to counsel people who suffer from tinnitus. Oticon’s counselling package is evidence-based and has partly been developed in collaboration with world-renowned tinnitus experts. It gives a thorough introduction to tinnitus management, combining practical client information with counselling and education tools. From beautiful educational graphics complete with counselling scripts, to take-home introductory client guides, these materials will guide you and your client throughout the tinnitus treatment journey.

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Discreet and handy control of relief sounds

The Oticon ON App gives users of Oticon Opn hearing aids the ability to adjust their tinnitus relief sounds easily and discreetly.

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