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Audiological mission

Paediatric hearing solutions to suit any need

Oticon’s paediatric philosophy reflects an ongoing commitment to make it easier for you to help children with hearing loss achieve their full potential.

Years of experience working with paediatric professionals and families have taught us that the best solutions aren’t shaped by what technology can do – but rather by what it can do to meet the needs of the individual user. It’s not just the children we strive to support; it’s also the caregivers responsible for their development.

Insights from audiologists, children, parents and teachers have resulted in our holistic approach to paediatric hearing care – from audiology and technology to counselling, fitting and service. This is how we aim to provide the most child-friendly hearing care available.


Fit children of any age with confidence

By acting as your “guide” to Oticon instruments, Genie’s paediatric fitting flow helps you achieve more in the time available. Customisable settings for every age group help you target fittings without having to remember as many details. Functionality-wise, features like noise reduction and directionality can be activated when the time is right.

Paediatric fitting in Genie

One fitting system for ALL Oticon instruments

Audiology concept based on children’s evolving needs

Effective DSL implementation for greater accuracy and less fine tuning

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Products and solutions

Oticon offers paediatric solutions that are purpose-made to suit children’s active lifestyle, classroom teaching and many other situations:

  • Child-friendly hearing aids
  • High-performing FM systems
  • Wireless accessories

The Paediatric Mission

At Oticon we work hard every day to help you as hearing care professionals create a better future for every child with hearing loss.

Individual care

We assist children with hearing loss in realising their full potential with instruments capable of meeting their individual needs on their journey towards adulthood.

…will empower you

We will empower hearing care professionals to adapt solutions to fit children’s needs at every stage of their development - by optimising auditory and cognitive habilitation and by embracing the complexities associated with growing up with hearing loss.

…to create a better future

We deliver solutions, tools, and techniques that offer everything you need to give every child with hearing loss a better future.

That’s our mission.

That’s where we want to go – together with you.

Three defining dimensions of our mission

Our mission “a better future for every child with hearing loss” is based on three defining dimensions: Individualisation – Performance – Living.


The core of our mission statement “a better future for every child with hearing loss” is to develop hearing care for the individual by adapting technology to the child, not the other way around. We wish to empower you as hearing care professional to adapt solutions to meet each developmental stage of every child with hearing loss according to their individual educational and lifestyle needs.


At Oticon we strive to deliver high performance to every situation of a child’s life with a smooth alliance between speech understanding and cognitive load. We strive to deliver technology that will optimise auditory and cognitive habilitation, giving children the best possible speech understanding in every situation while minimising their cognitive load.


Our product development is based on deep respect for children with hearing loss. By providing support based on lifestyle practicalities, counseling, and listening strategies we aim to acknowledge the very real and challenging complexities of growing up with hearing loss, and to develop easy solutions to assist children, parents, and audiologists in overcoming the many practicalities involved.

Hearing is a big part of your child’s development

We hear with our brain, not with our ears. The ears receive sounds and send them to the brain, where they are processed to give us meaning. So even if your child has hearing loss, his or her brain is ready and willing to be stimulated with sounds it can interpret as words, a process that supports healthy development. That is where Oticon’s BrainHearing™ for Children steps in.

It’s never too soon

Not only does most hearing take place in the brain. It turns out that, although the brain remains plastic throughout a person’s life, the neural networks in the brain are especially sensitive to stimulation during the first three and a half years of childhood. The more sound your child hears during those first years, the better his or her speech, language, educational and social skills will develop.

How BrainHearing for Children can help

To develop spoken language skills, your child needs access to the fullest possible spectrum of speech sounds and the most complete, clearest auditory signal possible. Included in our Sensei and Sensei Super Power hearing aids, Oticon’s powerful BrainHearing for Children technologies support the development of a broad range of cognitive skills for children with hearing loss. Oticon’s BrainHearing technology delivers consistent sound processing that matches your child’s needs at every stage of development. As your child’s communication skills improve, the improvements can positively affect many areas of his or her life, including school performance, social relationships and even your child’s sense of self-esteem.

Two critical technologies

BrainHearing for Children comprises a number of technologies, of which Speech Rescue™ and Speech Guard E are the most critical.

Speech Rescue™ is a breakthrough Oticon technology that “rescues” high-frequency speech sounds typically out of range for children with severe to profound hearing loss. It works by creating copies of high-frequency sounds like ‘s’ and ‘th’ and “pasting” them into a lower frequency range, where your child can hear them. Speech Rescue is included in our Sensei Super Power model.

Speech Guard E is our proven compression technology that amplifies and protects the subtle details of speech to make sounds audible, comfortable and clear, making it much easier for your child’s brain to recognise the signal.

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