How to pair your hearing aid with a mobile phone

With Oticon hearing aids, it is possible to connect your hearing aid directly to a mobile phone and get the sound streamed directly in your ears.


Choose the guide that matches your hearing aid

Don't know if your hearing aid has Bluetooth or not?
Check your instructions for use, contact your HCP, or see our tips to find out

Pairing your hearing aid with your iPhone

If your hearing aid has Bluetooth you can pair your hearing aid directly to the iPhone.

Turn on your hearing aid and place it close to your iPhone
and follow the 5 steps below:

  • 1. Settings

    (TIP: If you upgraded to iOS 13 you can skip step 1 and directly choose Accessibility when entering your Settings)

  • 2. General

  • 3. Accessibility

  • 4. Search & Select

    Your iPhone will show you detected devices from which you can choose your hearing aid.

  • 5. Pair

    If you have two hearing aids, pairing confirmation is needed for each hearing aid

Pairing your hearing aid to a mobile phone using Streamer Pro

If your hearing aid does not have Bluetooth you can connect your hearing aid to a smartphone by using Streamer Pro.

Streamer Pro must be handed out and paired to you hearing aid by your dispenser.