Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Oticon hearing aids are compatible with iPhone 5 or later.

A: Oticon hearing aids are compatible with iOS version 10.3 or later.

A: All phones running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later can work with the App.

A: The App works on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.

A: The distance can be up to 10 metres, but it depends on the environment and circumstances.

A: No. There is no Bluetooth standard supporting direct sound from Android smartphones to hearing aids.

A: Yes, we recommend you remove pairings in the phone that are not used before pairing with a new phone. This avoids any confusion.

A: Up to eight smartphones can be paired with Oticon hearing aids. However, in case of an iPhone, only one of the paired iPhones will be able to stream audio directly.

A: The following Android phones are not supported:

  • The Sony Z5 family of phones is blacklisted for version 1.0.9 but will be enabled again in Google Play when we release version 1.0.10
  • HTC ONE M8 and all sub-models. (1.0.9 and 1.0.10)
  • Sony Xperia XA (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • Sony Xperia E5 (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • Huawei Mate 8 (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • Huawei P9 (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • Alcatel pop 4 plus (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • Motorola Moto E3 (1.0.10, not tested on 1.0.9)
  • All devices running older versions than Android 6.0

A: You can only pair one Remote Control 3.0 with one set of Oticon hearing aids.

A: Remote Control 3.0 has a TwinLink™ label on the back.

A: Pairings in Oticon hearing aids can only be deleted via Genie 2 (audiologist's software). In Remote Control 3.0, pairings can be deleted by holding all three keys down for more than six seconds.

A: There is no limit on how many Oticon hearing aids can be paired with one TV Adapter 3.0.

A: Oticon hearing aids can only be paired with one TV Adapter 3.0. If users want to stream from a different TV Adapter 3.0 device, they need to pair again.

A: Pairings can be cleared by pressing the red button on the back of the TV Adapter 3.0 for six seconds.

A: The TV Adapter 3.0 has an operating range of up to 15 metres, however this depends on the circumstances and environment.

A: It is not possible to remove pairings from hearing aids. This can only be done by a hearing care professional using Genie 2 software.

A: Yes, both Oticon hearing aids needs to be paired individually.

A: An Oticon hearing aid can be paired with 10 devices in total. However, one connection is reserved for a TV Adaptor 3.0.