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Connects to your compatible smartphone via Bluetooth® technology, and recharges while you sleep.

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Oticon More offers direct streaming from compatible iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices1. Discover more about connectivity, styles and colours.

Get access to the full sound scene
with new Oticon More

Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus solely on speech coming from in front of you - but this prevents your brain from getting the sound information it needs. Sound scenes change constantly and are full of so much more than speech. To work naturally, your brain needs access to the full sound scene and this is exactly what Oticon More does for you.

Trained to recognise the sounds around you

Groundbreaking new technology in Oticon More has learned to recognise all kinds of sounds in fine detail – so it knows how they should ideally sound. With access to a clear, complete, and balanced sound scene, Oticon More ensures each individual sound is delivered with detail and clarity. As a result, Oticon More increases speech understanding by 15% while reducing listening effort*.

*Compared to Oticon Opn S 1

Get a full day’s power in three hours**

No need to buy disposable batteries anymore, Oticon More is rechargeable and features an inductive charging solution. This means you don’t have to turn them on, they’re ready when you pick them up from the charger in the morning.

And a quick recharge delivers six hours of power in just 30 minutes if you forget to charge them at night.

** Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behaviour. Oticon More miniRITE R rechargeable hearing aids are not compatible with disposable batteries. The charging dock is an additional accessory required for the hearing aids to function.

Discover a world without any feedback

Feedback is an annoying whistle that often happens in simple daily situations like wearing a hat or eating whilst wearing hearing aids. Traditional hearing aids lower the volume to avoid feedback which makes it harder for the wearer to hear all the sounds around them.

The technology inside Oticon More hearing aids can detect and prevent ‘feedback’ before it even occurs*** without reducing the volume so you don’t miss the sounds that matter to you.

***For prescribed fittings according to best practice

The earlier you seek treatment for hearing loss, the more your hearing may be improved. That’s one of the reasons, we encourage you get in touch with a local hearing care professional and get a hearing test.

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Connect with your loved ones

Oticon More is more than a hearing aid. It’s a piece of wearable technology that makes it easier to connect with the ones you love.

Oticon More hearing aids become high-quality, wireless headphones, so you can stream phone calls, video calls and music directly from your compatible iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android device.

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High quality sound, European design & manufacturing

We perform more than one hundred individual tests to ensure our Oticon hearing aids are of the highest standard.

When you choose Oticon, you choose quality. We build our hearing aids ready for you to enjoy and live a full and active life.

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1. Android devices need to support Audio Streaming from Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon More.