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Oticon Opn is one of the best hearing aids for teenagers because its 360-degree soundscape gives you the confidence to thrive in everyday situations. And as the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid, it seamlessly connects to your favourite devices – opening a new world of possibilities*.

*Wireless connectivity is not available in all styles.

Whether you are sat in a cafe, walking outdoors, or talking on the phone, Oticon Opn constantly provides accurate information about the sounds all around you. This discreet hearing aid is so fast and dynamic it can keep up with the speech of all of your friends, even when many are speaking. Not only does this boost your confidence to take part, it gives you the freedom to be at the centre of attention (if that’s what you want!).

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The exclusive technology in Oticon Opn gives you natural, 360-degree sound – even in the most difficult, noisy environments. This helps you feel where sounds are coming from, separate different sounds, hear multiple people speaking, and enjoy a better spatial sense of your surroundings.

  • Focuses on just one speaker, while suppressing all other sounds.
  • Opens up the soundscape so you can hear multiple speakers.

Whether you have always had hearing loss or it’s a recent development, you’ve probably felt how it limits you in different situations. Oticon Opn helps you navigate your life with fewer restrictions because it is powerful, discreet and connected*.

*The effect and availability of features varies with hearing aid style and prescription. Additional accessories may be required for wireless connectivity and may accrue additional charges.




Enjoy music, noisy clubs and restaurants just like the others




Can you see the Oticon Opn hearing aid?



Hear conversations all around you and contribute when you choose



Enjoy films and TV without missing the dialogue



Connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet or computer**



App control = no one knows when you control your hearing aids

Oticon Opns are very discreet, small hearing aids that come in a variety of colours. They can blend in with your skin or hair, or complement your accessories. While not completely invisible, they can be hidden so that very few people will notice them.

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Your hearing aids are headphones

Whether you’re talking on the phone, listening to Spotify or watching YouTube, it is effortless with Oticon Opn. Because they are Bluetooth® hearing aids, you can stream high-quality, stereo audio from your mobile, tablet or other devices – Opn becomes a pair of wireless hearing aid headphones**.

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Hands-free calls AND a remote microphone

Opn hearing aids become a hands-free headset with ConnectClip

ConnectClip is a sleek device that streams phone conversations directly to both hearing aids, from any modern mobile phone – using Bluetooth® low energy technology.

In remote microphone mode, ConnectClip streams speech wirelessly from up to 20 metres away. You just clip it to the shirt of the person you need to hear. Now there’s no need to sit at the front of the class, and no mishearing your coach on the sports field.

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ON App

The hearing aid app

You can control Oticon Opn hearing aids using a phone app – so you can adjust the volume and change programmes discreetly. The Oticon ON App is also the way you stream audio from your mobile or tablet, whether listening to music, watching videos, or making phone calls. You also use the App to connect to other devices like TVs, using a Bluetooth transmitter box.

The Oticon ON App is a hearing aid app for both iPhone and Android devices.**

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Your hearing aids can secretly tell you when your team scores a goal!

Oticon Opn is the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid. Via the phone app, you can make your own connections to other internet-connected devices. It uses the IFTTT service (IF This Then That), where you can easily set up whatever connections you can imagine. Want to receive a text message when your battery is low? Or get a secret ping when you receive a text? The possibilities are endless.

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Recharge at night. Open to your world all day

With the rechargeable option for Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aids, you simply seat the hearing aids in a charger at night and wake up to full-power hearing aids each morning* – there’s no need to replace the batteries every few days. It's convenient, practical, and easy to use. And you spare the environment from hundreds of disposable batteries every year.

Maybe you’re thinking: What if I forget to charge them, or there’s a power cut, or I decide to stay over at a friend’s house? Well don’t worry, you can simply use ordinary disposable batteries as a back-up.

*Minimum 7 hours of uninterrupted charge. Battery life may vary depending on individual hearing aid settings, prescription requirements, streaming and connectivity usage.

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We hear with our brains, not our ears. It is only once our brains receive sound information that we actually hear. Then our brain chooses which sounds to listen to, and which to ignore. It locates sounds and compares them to our memory. It is our brains that extract meaning from sound. In other words: hearing is thinking.

If our brains only get partial sound information, it is more tiring to make sense of sound. It becomes harder to absorb information. And because it takes more mental energy, we remember less of what is said.

During education and cognitive development, you need to give your brain as much good information as possible. If you have hearing loss, we need to replicate a natural sound environment as closely as we can.

Learn more about how important our brains are for hearing

  • Discreet hearing aids with control via app**
  • Fast and accurate access to multiple speakers in 360 degrees
  • Helps identify where sounds are coming from
  • Gives good hearing in dynamic and noisy situations like concerts and movies
  • Gives advanced, wireless connectivity to your favourite devices*
  • Available as discreet in-the-ear styles including Invisible-In-the-Canal

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*The effect and availability of features varies with hearing aid style and prescription. Wireless connectivity is not available for the Invisible-In-the-Canal and Completely-In-the-Canal styles.

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