Wireless microphone & headset in one for your compatible Oticon hearing aids**

*ConnectClip is an additional accessory available for purchase and is not part of the hearing aid package.

**ConnectClip is not compatible with all models and styles of Oticon hearing aids.

Turn your compatible Oticon hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with ConnectClip, so you can make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your compatible smartphone. Or listen to someone speaking from a distance using its remote microphone functionality. You can even use ConnectClip as a discreet remote control for your hearing aids.

ConnectClip transforms your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset

Get the sound from compatible smartphones, tablets or computers directly into both of your ears with ConnectClip. It uses Bluetooth low energy to connect your hearing aids to your electronic devices and is also a microphone for capturing your speech. This makes your hearing aids into a wireless headset with all the benefits that come with the hands-free experience.

The high-quality audio capability lets you stream music from any of your devices straight into your ears. The sound is in stereo, which gives a richer sound where you can hear more details, for a quality experience that is less strenuous to listen to.

The ConnectClip also functions as a remote microphone, which means you can give it to someone who is speaking and then hear their voice clearly and directly in your compatible hearing aids.

Experience the joys of hands-free calling

Hearing aids can make it complicated to use telephone headsets, which is a hassle when you want to use your hands for other things like driving your car, cooking a meal, or holding on to the bus.

ConnectClip transmits the call directly to both of your hearing aids while its built-in microphone clearly catches what you say to the caller. And a noise reduction feature ensures your voice comes through clearly, even if you're somewhere noisy.

Want to try the ConnectClip?

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Remote microphone helps you hear what's important

Perhaps you struggle to hear a lecturer's words, or can't catch everything a friend says in a restaurant. A remote microphone might be just what you need - they are especially useful in noisy situations or when the speaker is some distance away.

With ConnectClip, you simply hand the discreet microphone to the person who is talking and hear their voice directly in your Oticon hearing aids. This can be useful in situations such as:

  • Educational lectures and classrooms
  • Speeches at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries
  • Inside a car
  • In a bar or very noisy restaurant
  • Business presentations

Which types of smartphones are compatible with ConnectClip?

Get an overview of the different phone types

Make video calls with a Bluetooth microphone

ConnectClip uses Bluetooth to connect with compatible phones, computers or tablets. So you can stay connected with your family and business associates via videochat services like Skype and Facetime. You already have the high-quality stereo earphones in your compatible Oticon hearing aids, and the ConnectClip becomes your microphone.

Chat over the computer

  • Use ConnectClip to stream the sound directly to your hearing aids when chatting over Skype, Lync, etc.

  • Hear the caller’s voice directly in your hearing aids while still hearing the sounds around you

If your device does not have Bluetooth, we offer a small and robust USB dongle*.

*This item is an additional accessory available for purchase and is not part of the hearing aid package.

Remotely control your compatible hearing aids

You can use your ConnectClip as a remote control. That means that you can control the volume on your compatible Oticon hearing aids, switch programmes, and turn them on and off remotely.

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Technical specifications

Microphone range:

During use as a remote microphone, ConnectClip can reach compatible Oticon hearing aids from up to 20 metres away.

Bluetooth USB dongle:

For connecting to your PC and other devices without a stable Bluetooth connection, ConnectClip works with the Oticon USB dongle. It gives a range of up to 10 metres from your device.


53 x 27 x 18 mm


27 grams

Want more information about ConnectClip?

At the ConnectClip support centre, you can see a wide range of frequently asked questions and watch instructional videos arranged by category.

Go to the ConnectClip support centre

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