Our culture

Our culture begins with great people

“It’s a creative and innovative environment. It’s based on trust and faith that each of us can handle the tasks we’re given."

– Jess Christensen, Digital IC Designer, Oticon

We put people first

'People first' is not just something that relates to the products we make. Oticon’s culture is founded on hiring great people and letting them develop freely. Our way of working is based on the principle that the quality of your idea is more important than your job title, and sound reasoning and good points matter more than seniority. This kind of culture of course both requires and thrives on independent, responsible employees and colleagues, allowing managerial responsibilities to be incorporated at ground level.

We never lose sight
of our higher goals

Oticon was founded on a compassion for people — and a deep understanding of the role that hearing plays in living a richer and fuller life.  Compassion is even embedded in our unique corporate structure, helping us to never lose focus on the most important: To help people with a hearing loss live the life they want to live. Oticon is controlled by the Oticon Foundation, a charitable organization with a mandate both to grow our business and to help people with hearing loss. So in a way, we have a built-in commitment to compassionate innovation – and no matter your role in Oticon, this commitment directs everyting we do.

High-performing project teams are our core

Since Oticon’s style of working is project-based, the role of the manager is chiefly to let the project team and the individuals in it flourish and allow them to work to achieve their goals, both corporate and personal, by removing obstacles in their track towards succes.

At Oticon it is people's talents and expertise that govern the tasks they are asked to fulfil. Those who are professionally competent will gain plenty of influence and great responsibility in a company that offers independent jobs full of challenging assignments.

Our "flat" organisational structure emphasises teamwork and professional reasoning. Some have management responsibilities, but since there are very few managers in an organisation like ours, the most important career path is horizontal.

However, we do everything we can to encourage personal and professional development, as well as the pursuit of one's unique talents and interests. Part of putting 'people first' is the belief that happy, well-rounded individuals achieve greater results.

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