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Graduate Programme

Do you want to be part of something big, apply your theoretical knowledge and analytical skills and contribute to work processes across different business areas in a truly global setting? If you are best in class, sharp, analytical, have a winning personality, easy to cooperate with, and passionate for both strategic and operational tasks, then the Graduate Programme at William Demant is definitely for you!!

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The Graduate Programmes

All our Graduate Programmes are 2 years long, during which you will explore the company and develop your personal and professional skills through four job rotations of 6-months respectively. Each period will enhances your business understanding both functionally and geographically.

Depending on which programme you choose, you can either go through various business functional as business generalist while following rotation in Finance, Operations, IT, Business Unit Diagnostics Instruments or follow a specialist track within Global Finance or Global Operations.

No matter which programme you choose, you will be working closely with a Host Manager to plan your rotations and enhance your professional and personal development as much as possible. A personnel manager and a go to manager of each unit will support each rotation. Former graduates will act as mentors to guide you through the programme and the organizational culture. !

Your profile

1) You are about to graduate from a Master degree from a Business or Engineering School or have graduates in the past year. For specialist lines recruitments, please see below.

2) You are “best in class,” a top performer with excellent academic achievements; a team player with drive and passion; have great analytical skills; sharp, curious, resilient and mature; hardworking and fun to be with.

3) You have an international profile, are geographically flexible and open to spending some part of the programme abroad; you are flexible and adaptable when removed from your comfort-zone both functionally and geographically.

4) You are both strategic and pragmatic by nature, enjoy down-to-earth tasks and are not afraid to "get your hands dirty".

5) You enjoy meeting and working with new people; you are easy to cooperate with, and open to challenges and change. Your English is at a top level.

Meet the graduates

Frederik Rubens Mortensen

Education: Cand.Scient.Soc. Organizational Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

“What I think is special about this Graduate Programme is that it provides a unique opportunity to gain critical and holistic insight into how it is to steer a ship of this massive size. Insight which is obtained from the up-close exposure to the very top of the management structure as well as exposure to real business-critical challenges which both stretch across many different geographical locations and areas of the value chain."

"I joined this programme as it will allow me to learn by contributing to accomplishing things and to actually use this theoretical knowledge that I have accumulated by “getting my hands dirty” and getting up close to both the everyday life and strategic navigation of a high-tech production company.

One example of such a task is the inventory replenishment system which I during the last couple of months have been given the chance to build and implement. With a set of calculations and processes this system will hopefully ensure that we have the right amount of products available, at the right time, at the right place in the world, and thereby always are able to serve our customers.”

Francesca Scuttari

Education: Cand. Merc. International Business

“I joined the graduate programme at William Demant because it seemed the perfect opportunity to challenge myself in multiple sectors and grow within a multinational group with a strong Danish identity. The reputation of the company and my personal interest for the healthcare sector were determinant in the decision to join this specific graduate programme.

The amazing aspect about being a graduate is the great exposure to different functions within the company, and to different problems and perspectives. It gives you an insight into relevant issues, and provides you with the chance to make a real difference in finding solutions.

So far, I have had the chance to work on multiple projects, which gave me a very good understanding of “what we make in WDH and how we get it out”. What I find exciting in my work is that the bar is set high; as a graduate I have been granted a substantial level of responsibility from the very beginning."

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For more information

If you want to know more about the Graduate Programme, contact Daria Helgogaard, Graduate Programme Manager,
tel. + 45 25 711 577,

Application deadline is April 17 2016, all programmes start September 1st 2016.

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