Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • > Do clients need to open the battery drawer to charge?

    No, they simply seat the hearing aid in the charger without opening the battery drawer. See how to charge batteries in this film.

  • > How do I turn an Opn miniRITE into a Opn miniRITE rechargeable solution?

    See how in this film.

  • > How can clients see when their batteries are fully charged?

    The green charging indicator lights glow a steady green when the batteries are fully charged.See how to tell if batteries are fully charged in this film.

  • > What happens if clients try to charge disposable batteries?

    Disposable zinc-air batteries will not charge. The LED on the charging dock will glow a steady red. See what it looks like if you try to charge a disposable battery, in this film.

  • > Do the hearing aids turn off during charging?

    The hearing aids automatically turn themselves off during charging.

  • > What happens if a client receives a phone call during charging?

    Since the hearing aid will be turned off, the smartphone will ring just as it does when it is not connected to the hearing aid.

  • > Do rechargeable batteries affect the sound quality?

    Not at all. All Opn miniRITE features are available when using rechargeable batteries, including the full open sound experience.

  • > Is it possible to reverse the process and change the battery drawer back to an ordinary Opn miniRITE battery drawer?

    Yes. You simply swap the drawers back.

  • > What is contained in the ZPower rechargeable kit?

    The ZPower rechargeable box contains one charger, two battery drawers, two silver-zinc rechargeable batteries, a set of color markings and a ZPower instructions for use booklet.

  • > Does the silver-zinc rechargeable kit require any special care or maintenance?

    The kit does not require any special care or handling beyond what is normally expected for good hearing aid care. The manufacturer of the charger, batteries and battery drawer – ZPower – has conducted extensive corrosion and swelling testing, and the results confirmed that corrosion, moisture, and swelling will not be a problem.

  • > Can clients use a ‘dry and store’ system when they have an Opn miniRITE and ZPower rechargeable kit?

    Yes. Users with active dry and store systems should only use them as needed. If drying is needed, the user should remove the rechargeable silver-zinc batteries before they use the dry and store system. If the user intends to dry the hearing aids overnight, they should use disposable batteries the day after, to have enough power for a full day's use.

  • > Which Opn miniRITE performance level is compatible with the ZPower rechargeable kit?

    The ZPower rechargeable kit is compatible with all Opn miniRITE performance levels.

  • > Will fitting an Opn miniRITE with a ZPower battery drawer affect fitting in Genie 2?

    The ZPower battery drawer will not affect the fitting in any way. Both wireless and cabled fittings are supported for Opn miniRITE with a ZPower battery drawer installed.

  • > How long should the rechargeable batteries be charged to get 100% capacity?

    If the batteries are completely drained, they should be charged approx. 7 hours to charge them to 100% capacity.

  • > Will I still have direct connection to my iPhone when using rechargeable batteries?


  • > Can I read out the battery status on my ON app when using rechargeable batteries?

    No, the ON app cannot read out the capacity status of the rechargeable batteries.

  • > Can I still use my IFTTT recipes when using the rechargeable batteries?