Well done, you have finished.

The test indicates that you may have good hearing


Your answers suggest that you can cope with everyday listening situations.
You can hear quiet sounds that are both high and low frequency.

It is a very good result!

However, it is important to remember that this is just an indication. No online test can replace a full hearing assessment. The only way to be sure is to get your hearing checked by a hearing care professional.

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How can you keep your good hearing?

To protect your hearing, the most important thing is to avoid exposure to loud noise and use hearing protection.


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When does noise become dangerous?


    If you have to shout over background noise to make yourself heard


    If the noise hurts your ears or makes them ring


    If you find it difficult to hear for several hours after hearing the noise

  • If you do develop any hearing loss, it is very important to get it treated quickly

    Your hearing is deeply linked to your health. People with untreated hearing loss often find it harder to take part socially.

    Social activities are important for stimulating the brain. They may decrease the risk of accelerated cognitive decline.i Scientists are investigating all sorts of other links between hearing and health.

  • You hear with your brain, not with your ears

    In other words, hearing is thinking! This is why we believe that better hearing starts with the brain.

    We make our hearing aids based on our unique BrainHearing™ philosophy.

    BrainHearing means we strive to support your brain. We don't just turn up the volume and overload your brain. We give the brain the conditions it needs to naturally create meaning from sound.

About online hearing tests

Online hearing tests give you a quick indication of whether you need a full hearing test. They can’t replace a complete hearing evaluation by a hearing care professional or audiologist.


iLivingston et al, 2017