Oticon Ria2

Excellent sound quality and options for personalisation let you enjoy better hearing, even in noisy situations.

Sounds to suit you

No one hears sound the same way and no two lifestyles are the same. Ria2 is more than an amplifier, it is sound adapted to your unique needs. 

Ria2 gives your hearing care professional options to tailor the sound to your personal hearing preferences in order to provide you with a more natural listening experience. And the technology inside Ria2 helps you understand the sounds you hear and your hearing aids work together to give you a balanced sound experience. 

Better hearing with style

Ria2 come in many styles – from discreet to almost invisible

Ria2 is a complete family of high-quality hearing aids to suit any taste. They are small and comfortable, simply the perfect balance between size and performance.

Style options

Technology to support you in all of life’s situations

  • Tailored to your needs

    No two people see, hear, and feel in the same way. YouMatic considers the lifestyle and personal preferences of each listener.

  • Zoom in on what's important

    Free Focus makes you able to extract sounds from background noise and switch focus whenever needed.

  • Hug and kiss without whistling

    Inium Sense Feedback Shield controls hearing aid feedback, ensuring continuously high sound quality for comfortable wear during the day.

Designed to never let you down

The entire shell is nano-coated for protection against dirt and moisture. And the speaker connection is completely encased by the shell for added security.



As individual as you are

The elegant design of Oticon designRITE makes it easy to choose your look: discreet to match your skin tone or colourful to match your personal style.

Explore styles & design

Oticon ConnectLine

For life’s many opportunities

Making phone calls, video chats, listening to music or watching TV. ConnectLine makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones from a distance and enjoy more kinds of entertainment.

Learn more

  • Tinnitus relief

    Ria2 Pro Ti has built-in tinnitus management technology to help relieve tinnitus.

  • Technical specifications

    Discover the technical features that fit inside Ria2 and how they work.

  • BrainHearing

    Your brain is the most important part of your hearing solution. See why.

  • Find a hearing centre

    A hearing care professional can test your hearing and devise a treatment that suits you.