Oticon Intigai: the hearing solution that is out of sight and out of mind

Oticon Intigai is designed to be unnoticeable to everyone else, and unnoticeable to you, too.

Out of sight

Intigai is Oticon’s most invisible hearing solution. It is shaped to fit so snugly inside your ear that no one will see it, or even realise you are wearing it.

This means that you can keep your hearing loss a secret, and enjoy the many benefits of modern hearing care, without any noticeable change to your appearance.

Out of mind

Not only is it invisible, Intigai is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, so that nothing gets in the way of your regular daily routines. It blends inconspicuously and completely into your lifestyle, so that you can continue to play an active part in life.

The sound level adapts automatically as sounds and places change throughout the day, so you will always have the sound you need to participate on an equal footing with everyone else.

Oticon Intigai will also have minimum impact on the rest of your lifestyle – fitted inside your ear, it will not affect your use of headsets or telephones, nor how you wear your glasses, or even how you do your hair.

A smooth transition to better hearing, with premium sound quality in a tiny package

As it is placed inside the ear, Oticon Intigai captures sound in the same way that your ears were designed to do. Based on Oticon’s premium audiology, Intigai gently preserves and amplifies sounds so that what you hear is always clear and you will be able to participate confidently in all situations.

Oticon Intiga
Immediate acceptance, immediate benefits
Our invisible solution

Oticon Intigai fits far enough in your ear to be completely unnoticeable to everyone around you.

Award-winning design

Oticon’s smallest hearing aid, Intigai, is winner of the Good Design Award 2012 for its innovative product design.