A young man's life-changing choice

"The first time I used them I was in seventh heaven."

Xavier's story

Communication has become easier

"From the moment I put them on, I haven't looked back."

John's story

A tailored sound experience

"The difference it made really surprised me. I could hear many sounds that I had never experienced before."

Ana's story

Natural sound quality

"Alta has a superb natural sound quality, which I love"

Janine's story

No more missing out on sounds

"I kind of forgot I had hearing aids, which was really nice."

Peter's story

A broader soundscape

"I am hearing new sounds that I did not perceive before."

Maria's story

Feedback is no longer an issue

"With Alta I can relax - and so can the people around me - because feedback is no longer an issue."

Bent's story

Supporting the good life

"I have become more outgoing and sociable. Alta makes me feel like a better human being - brighter, happier and more relaxed.”

Kurt's story

Rediscovering the sound of life

“Switching to very advanced Oticon instruments has been like switching from a steam engine to a jet motor.”

Birger’s story

Sharing life’s challenges and joys

“Perhaps by sharing our story we can give hope and support to other people.”

Judy and Eric’s story

Gitte has more energy now

“I no longer have to use the phrase, “What did you say?””

Gitte’s story

Does anyone notice your hearing aids?

“They are so small I hardly notice I’m wearing them – and certainly nobody can see I’m wearing them. A lot of my colleagues haven’t noticed them yet.”

Christian’s story

Poul got a whole new life

“Making music has been such a huge part of my life, and winning back that ability is like a miracle.”

Poul’s story

What is it like to wear hearing aids?

“Now, I can use my energy on listening to what’s being said, rather than just trying to keep up.”

Hilde’s story

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